Marine & Offshore Travel Services


of combined industry leading expertise 
in Marine & Offshore Travel and a robust global network

  • Our managed in-house marine expert team is available 24/7/365 ready to provide fast, prompt and efficient service
  • Special negotiated marine fares, refundable and changeable tickets with 2-piece baggage allowance which are available in Business class, Premium economy and economy
  • Ability to reduce your travel cost with locally priced fares through our Global database
  • Dedicated account managers providing tailor made solutions in a specialized travel policy
  • Our top priority is to ensure that your seafarers will travel with safety and on time as we are providing the best possible travel experience
  • First-mile, long-haul and last-mile services

  • Offshore travel management specifically designed to assist the offshore ship industry with travel to and from their homes, to vessels and installations worldwide

  • Providing efficient travel solutions to key offshore locations and hubs, even to the most challenging of routes

  • AMT’s contracted offshore airfares are inclusive of both global and regional airlines, and fares are available in most travel classes, providing more options for crew travel

  • We work closely with airlines on ticketing time limits, refunds and cancellations which in turn helps manage your travel budget by improving operating efficiencies

  • We provide access to accurate, transparent and fully consolidated data. Our reporting tools have been developed to provide a concise breakdown of costs spent on travel and can be tailor-made at our customer’s request

Live support by a member of staff, NOT machine!

We're Always Open 24/7/365